Informant Letter

This is from inmate Manuel Littlejohn

In approximately late August, early September 1999, I was an inmate at the Oklahoma County Jail in Oklahoma City for a conspiracy conviction. During this time I briefly shared a cell with a man named Christopher Jordan. During this time I frequently observed him taken from the cell we shared for what I believed we attorney visits or meetings regarding his case. During this time period, Chris made statements to me about his case and about his co-defendant Julius. Jordan stated that he felt guilty because he was going to implicate Julius in a murder case to avoid getting the death penalty. Jordan stated that he wrapped the gun used to commit the murder in his case in a bandana and hidden it at Julius’s house. Chris stated to me, Julius didn’t do it, he wasn’t even there. Jordan further stated “the D.A.’s gonna make me a deal, I’m gonna do 15 years and go home”. During this time period Jordan often remarked that he felt bad for what he was doing. At the time I shared a cell with Chris I had not met or spoken with Julius. I’ve never shared a cell with Julius at the Oklahoma County Jail. I first met Julius in January of 2000 when I was being held in the 1st floor booking area of the Oklahoma County Jail. I met Julius as he was temporarily being held in that area. According to Julius, he was being held in that area after returning from another county of WRIT. I spoke with him approximately 40-50 minutes. At that time, I told him I had heard of him because I shared a cell with his co-defendant Chris. At this time I also told Julius the details about the statements made to me by Chris.